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创造动力(Generate momentum)

You and your whole team should always try to take swift action and make progress each day. Instead of thinking or talking about doing something, you decide to do it or not to do it. Then you do it today instead of tomorrow and this week instead of next week.


There will be also weeks when you won’t necessarily know what is the most important thing to do or you are not sure what decision to make in the product. Don’t become paralyzed in those moments–find a way to act instead. Trust your intuition and do something that seems to make sense. Talk to more users. You’ll gain more clarity as more feedback rolls in. If you’ve designed your operations to move fast and learn, then you can correct or revert decisions.

有时候,你不一定知道什么事情是最重要的,或者你不确定该做出什么决定。在这些时候,不要变得麻痹大意 —— 找到一种方法来代替行动。相信你的直觉,做一些看起来有意义的事情。与更多的用户交谈。随着更多的反馈,你会获得更多的确定性。如果你已经练成了快速行动和持续学习的工作方式,那么你就可以不断纠正决策。

Startups rarely die because they made too much progress or because of a single bad decision, but they do die when they move too slow or give up.



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