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设定有用的目标(Set useful goals)

Startups move so fast that it’s normal not to know what you’re working on the next day let alone the next week. Goals are important to remind you what matters for the medium or long term success of the company. You might not feel like you have enough users or historical data to make decisions on what your goals should be. That’s normal and in those situations, create a goal that propels you forward in some measurable way.


In the early days, it can be hard to hit those goals when you start from zero. The way to think about it is to walk back from that goal, what is the path there. Path to 10 users starts with 1 user, which starts with having a product that someone can find and start using. Your first meaningful goal getting there could be to find 10 users to use your product, then 100, then $1000 in MRR. Successful startups often start with something small, figure it out, and then scale. And remember, there is no limit to how fast you can grow.

在早期,很难从零开始达到这些目标。思考的方式应该是倒推,看看到达目标的路径是什么。通往 10 个用户的道路是从 1 个用户开始的,这要先让产品被人发现,并且开始使用。你的第一个有意义的目标,可能是找到 10个使用你产品的用户,然后是 100个,然后是 1000 美元的 MRR。成功的初创企业往往从小事做起,想办法解决,然后再扩大规模。记住,你的成长速度是没有限制的。


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